Save time and energy. We offer you, the consignor, a safe, convenient, no-hassle alternative to selling furniture on your own.

We can also help with cleaning, repairing, and delivering furniture before it goes into a new home.

When selling furniture yourself, you’re responsible for pricing, advertising, having strangers in your home, even moving it. That’s a huge expenditure of time and energy, plus you may not get the results you want. We offer the consignor (seller) a safe, convenient, no-hassle alternative to selling it themselves.

    • Compensation

      Selling your home furnishings yourself, you risk bad checks and receiving nothing for your time, effort and furniture. We take care of payments. We become your partners for 90 days, and pay you 50% of the final sales price. Plus, our computerized system means you receive your money quickly once your furnishings have sold. When you want to sell your quality home furnishings…we do it all!

    • Simplicity

      All it takes is one email to our team. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the consignment process.

    • Convenience

      With Revitalized Furnishings, you’ll never have to spend idle weekends sitting in your garage, hoping buyers will stop by. No more phone calls at all hours, no shows, “maybe” buyers, or accepting the lowest price because it’s a Sunday afternoon. We work for you, 7 days a week. We can even offer to pick up your items.

    • Safety

      Why risk inviting strangers into your home? With Revitalized Furnishings, you never have to worry again.